Nycki Crawford had planned to visit Hawkes Bay from her home in Melbourne for a relatively short period of time, but the global pandemic has prevented her from returning. Thankfully she had the foresight to bring her paints and some canvas and has been kept occupied creating fabulous new work inspired by her surroundings in Havelock North.

Crawford completed a degree in fine arts from RMIT, Australia’s most prestigious art and design school, in 2012..

There is an ‘otherness’ to Crawford’s work that immediately communicates to the viewer that big stories lie within. Contrasting and contradictory layers of paint, instinctive yet deliberate mark making and distinctive colour palettes create her visual vocabulary. These tools are what she takes into her explorations of metaphysical concepts. Holding transient ideas together is the embedded undercurrent of the cyclical nature of the earth, the stars, the seasons and life.

The technique of paint application , the scraping, the concealing, the shifting and moving is the physical act of processing time, place, memory and objects until one mark or gesture retains the essence of an entire experience. It could be A Joy, A Heartbreak, A Reflection on a pond, A long distance, or the Residue of a Conversation found in a mark which has been scratched, smoothed, washed, rubbed, painted over, blotted, lived and relived until it is reduced to a line, a hue, a scratch or a wash. In that mark, can live a story, a look or a long passage of time stretching on forever.

The congruence of her picture relies on that mark finding its place on the canvas amongst all the other marks to tell its story. To find its order is to take its place in time,  memory and heart. The artist invites the viewer into a landscape turned inwards for the soul to travel on.