FORTUNA is the personification of luck and good fortune (named after the Greek goddess Tyche) and is often depicted as blindfolded. This series of paintings while of the natural world is what the artist sees when she closes her eyes in the midst of it.

Australian artist Nycki Crawford recently moved from Melbourne to Havelock North where she discovered a spiritual connection to her new home, Sunborne, a Chapman-Taylor house on the side of Te Mata Peak. The "Havelock Work", of which Chapman-Taylor was a part, were a group of free-thinking individuals active in the area from the early to mid 20th century. Their ideas and philosophies resonated with Nycki's own personal inquiries with regard to art-making and the natural world.

“Having the studio at Sunbourne has been the perfect site to research and encourage spiritual inquiry and my/our relationship to the natural world, these paintings for me are where the two collide” Nycki Crawford