Tanya Blong’s figurative work speaks to a moment in time, A multitude of characters and scenes, all unrooted in time and a specific place, yet all occupying an ethereal dream-state, they are watched, yet watching.

Suspended in acts of leisure, idols of free time. There is a subtle commentary on just the act of being, opposed to the act of doing.

The luxury of time being a commodity of this modern life, Blong looks to nature as a balm, a juxtaposition to a commercially based world.

Her recent works stretch toward abstraction Rather than depicting the exterior façade, Blong's paintings offer a glimpse into the inner workings of humanity. Each portrait symbolic of the interior landscape, where the interplay of light, colour, form and pattern mirrors the ebbs and flows of emotion and experience. A visual tapestry that captures the somatic experience unique to us all.

Tanya Blong is a Tamaki Makaurau based artist. She graduated from Hungry Creek Art school, Auckland in 2006 majoring in painting and sculpture.

Taranaki raised, extensive travel and life abroad has enriched and informed her work.

Sculpture was the basis of her work for many years, adjacent to her own work she worked as studio technician to renown NZ Sculptor Terry Stringer for several years. Ultimately painting has taken priority for the last 10 years.

Blong has exhibited throughout NZ and Western Australia. With work held in the Arts house trust.