Nelson based artist Tania Bostock creates mixed media paintings with unique surface textures that are expertly achieved through the careful layering of paint. Tania's paintings often expose the life cycle of man-made objects such as rusted metal or weathered structures.  

Bostock's process involves finding the mid-ground between the free and loose potential of paint and the controlled artist hand. In the making of a work, she will move between both approaches, at times allowing the paint to guide the making, while at others consciously shaping the outcome. 

Tania Bostock has won awards for her painting including being named a Finalist at the Christchurch Art Show Awards and the Guilded Edge Paramount Art Award. She additionally won the Top Award, at Anderson Park Art Gallery.

Bio courtesy of Black Door Gallery

"For me painting is emotive, and a great deal of time and thought goes into each creation. I create paintings that are strong, deliberately imperfect, and beautiful."- Tania Bostock