Raewyn Paterson graduated as a Top Student from the Eastern Institute of Technology in 2010. Her degree work explored the design of a contemporary Maori eco-friendly home that combined traditional marae spaces, Maori ecology narratives, and contemporary Eco-design techniques. She is of Tuhoe and Ngati-pakeha descent. 

Raewyn completed her Masters in Professional Creative Practice in 2017 after a late start in formal art education. Her Māori visual culture learning is self-driven and intuitive, explored by utilising the wide range of media she was introduced to at EIT.  She continues to draw on her own heritage, memories and gathered mātauranga to explore themes of pattern, whanaunga, identity, and space.  Every work she creates is another step in her journey of learning.

Raewyn is also a Programme co-ordinator and Tutor at IDEAschool, EIT.

In February 2020, the opening of the interior of Te Ara o Tāwhaki (the wharenui at EIT) revealed the contemporary tukutuku panels she designed and created with the EIT community.