Anna Jepson is a contemporary artist living in Hawkes Bay, of Ngai Tahu and Danish descent. She has been painting for over two decades, attending art classes and graduating with a Diploma in Fine Arts in 2002. 

In her work, she uses a minimal colour palette, and paints her portraits using the sight-size method - a technique she was taught in Italy. She loves to experiment with her work, playing with mediums and surfaces to create wonderful depictions of the human form.

"In my contemporary practice the human form plays a decisive role. I relish in juxtaposing a traditionally represented subject in abstract metaphoric backdrop, losing edges along the way often with the odd serendipitous finds.

This metaphor sinking in the emotive conversation of climate change is never more relevant in Aotearoa as we are never far from the ocean, a constant reminder how devastating it could be if not addressed.

Humanity has failed to see the significance of the storm; with its unknown consequences it could be a universal tragedy or a forced transition of climate state, at a rate which is more rapid than the rate of change.

Whether it presents as a crisis or opportunity for change, or just a sinking nightmare metaphor, climate is a huge all-embracing and urgent subject." - Anna Jepson