Tallulah Nunez is a mid-career artist who creates multi-layered abstract paintings, assemblages and most recently paintings of intimate imaginary and emotionally charged spaces. She has been a finalist in the prestigious Parkin Drawing Award, the Miles Art Award, the Tasman Art Award and the Cleveland Art Award.

Tallulah Nunez's works construct a world of their own: they take the viewer in micro and macrocosm, where elements of the real, the unconscious and chance collide. 

Nunez's view of nature is at turns abstract, sculptural, utopian, or staged. 
Nunez's enigmatic pictorial inventions are characterised by opulence and exuberant richness of detail. It is a hermetic place beyond all places that can be experienced in exterior reality. However, this artificial nature seems beyond comparison. She derives new laws for nature, laws derived from painting. 

What makes Tallulah Nunez unique in the contemporary art landscape, is the way her work reveals the artificiality of nature, nature as artefact made.