Shelley Masters grew up in post-war Britain with all the economic and social change that brought. He trained in London as a designer and illustrator, worked in the theatre, then through the 70s and 80s as an award-winning graphic designer. Having moved to New Zealand in the early 2000s, he now paints full-time. His work can be found in collections across the UK, Europe and New Zealand.

By visualising their own imagination artists create a cue for others’ memories, aspirations, even vicarious experiences. The work becomes a conduit for contemplation that can be hung on a wall and connected to at leisure. 

Shelley’s current work explores the hazy border between solitude and loneliness. It became very clear to him that many people have never acquired the essential life-skill of being alone. This series focuses on being alone, solitariness, being separated in some way and the inevitable changes that are then faced (change being something else that many people have difficulty with). In a narrative sense, these paintings are about that moment when something changes. An ending, a beginning, a discovery.