Kay Bazzard is a figurative ceramic artist and writer. The ceramic practice focuses on the human figure and through it she explore's the human psyche as expressed in gesture, expression and movement. She draws on her own emotional history and from observing and interpreting the moods and behaviours of others.

19 May – 24 June 2018, ‘Waiting (for life to begin)’ was a solo exhibition at The Hastings City Art Gallery, Holt Gallery.  Features a group of twelve 50+cm tall standing figures in red raku, seeming to interact with each other.  ‘Waiting’ received extraordinary public interest and excellent reviews. The year of preparation has been a significant learning experience in my life as an artist.

Her Earth Wind and Fire series of delicate feminine figurines are treated with a wash of white apple glaze then raku fired. This particular form of firing is an ancient Japanese technique, where the ash becomes embedded in the crackling of the glaze in a random pattern, giving the pieces a dramatic monochromatic effect.