Jark Pane is a multi-disciplinary designer and artist based in Auckland, New Zealand. Jark holds a bachelor's in graphic design, first-class honours in spatial design, and a master's in landscape architecture - a background that has been constantly inspired by the beauty of nature.

This is evident in her debut collection, Soraa - Tones of the Tide, which is an ode to the salty landscapes of Aotearoa. A body of work that draws from the disciplines of sculpture and design, placed somewhere between aesthetics and investigation. Each shell is unique, made by hand, and is a humble attempt to document this archetype. Alongside these are new explorations into blown glass, inspired by oyster shells and the way they shift and grow over time.

The art of glass casting was first introduced to Jark when she began working as a studio assistant for Katherine Rutecki - former co-owner of Lukeke. Rutecki taught her the process of lost wax casting and it was at this studio she fine-tuned her technique in fettling, contour mould making, and kiln casting crystalline glass.

In 2017 Jark and the team from Lukeke visited  Murano Island in Italy to observe the works of renowned artisans and be taught a masterclass in Venetian glass blowing by Maestro Davide Fuin. During this formative period, she became interested in the seductive husk of the conch shell and began exploring ways to illuminate the enigmatic whorl formation between its interior and exterior space. ‘Soraa’ is the Korean name for conch shell - chosen as a nod to Jark’s heritage - and is the first of many collections