Lizzie Beere describes her style as intertwining the abstract and the figurative. Her work is driven by her inherited passion for anything floral. “I come from a long line of floral magnets. The women of my family have all been keen gardeners, florists or painters”, she says.

Best known for her large abstract floral paintings and photography, she works in a loose, non-representational style, using movement and texture, expanding and exploding the traditions of floral still life.

Her work is often wild, raw and imperfect, reflective of the battle scars and endurance in the human condition. “Erupted florals”, she says, “and the beauty in their transition and final decay.”

She has recently commenced a new body of hand-built ceramics, again textured and painterly. Each vessel carries its own individual patina in the process of construction, through to firing. And like the paintings, offering that feeling of a weathered life lived well. “I guess I try to capture those moments of enduring strength and fragility of the flowers”, she says. There’s the reference to nature, while the underlying loose structure and pallet of composition remain rooted in the abstraction. The contrast between the recognisable and the obscure. “I hope this allows for a connection with my work on various levels”, she says. “Finding beauty in the imperfections and the impermanence”.

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