Deeply embedded in Fiona Fox’s work is an essence of primordial feminine divinity, calling all those who resonate with the work, to remember who they are. She is asking the viewer to listen to the framed silence captured but not contained by the wire mesh. The voice to be heard within is carried metaphorically, while the thread binds the past, present and future simultaneously to become its own language in a sacred feminine void.

“My work is inspired by my previous fashion background, art degree, extensive travel and love of ancient knowledge.  Whether I’m drawing, painting or sculpting, my art is always a direct extension of my experiences and circumstances. Image and language occupy the same space. Intimately private yet genuinely universal.”   

Fiona uses the wire mesh and thread to shape the sacred feminine, to wrap, weave and hold together a forgotten unspoken language. Some of her pieces could be termed pictograms. They reference and allude to birds, wings, feathers and tails. She uses our connection to nature to imbue the beauty of transformation, through adversity to find strength, or through an immersive presence with nature as source.

Fiona is a part-time Textiles Technology teacher in Hawkes Bay which allows her the freedom to work on new projects from her studio in Taradale.  Fiona has had several sell out exhibitions with pieces spreading across the world.  She is never seen in a garden but always with a pen and notebook capturing ideas. Fiona lives with her two sons Harrison and Cooper.

“I am leaving my works suspended in silence. Without a head they seek the collective consciousness of the mind existing everywhere and nowhere, primordial and present in a sacred space or feminine void.”