Hawkes Bay mixed media artist Fiona Fox early career began in the fashion industry after completing a degree in Fashion and Design at Massey University in Wellington. She has been a pattern drafter, freelance designer and owned her own fashion label. In 2011 she completed an EIT Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design Degree before going on to do a Diploma in Teaching, becoming a fully qualified teacher in 2015. Fiona Fox is currently teaching Design Technology at Sacred Heart College in Hastings.

In Fox’s words, “My work aims to acknowledge the feminine principle as a force that breathes through each piece. The steel mesh acts as the strength of a woman which never leaves but is often obscure, while the thread is the language from the past, inscribing into the present, allowing a resonating future discourse.  Femininity inscribed in silence, is found in the pauses and gaps in thought that produce a transparent resonating sound.  Shaping the silence with mesh, the female form is the sign already, meaning is made by the gaze.  Inscribed with a feminine resonance, Feminine Ecriture lives where she cannot be contained.”