We are delighted to bring the work of a truly remarkable emerging artist, Amanda Wilkinson, to Hawkes Bay for the first time. Wilkinson’s work is sure to intrigue with subtle shades and shapes that create impossible forms that mess with perception. Added to this is an extra dimension of playfulness where Wilkinson gives the viewer an opportunity to see the work spring into action in front of them through the use of an innovative animation app. Perhaps it is not surprising to learn that Wilkinson comes to art after a successful career as an Industrial Designer. Her work reflects her keen sense of precision and perfection, which she challenges by insisting on hand painting her lines without the aid of masking tape.

In Amanda’s words, "Equivocal space in an artwork is where relationships between elements may be seen in different ways; Now you see it… and now you see it another way. Equivocal sums up what I’m trying to achieve with these paintings as they straddle the space between painting and sculpture, becoming both two dimensional and three dimensional objects, often impossible ones. I call these ‘shaped paintings’ but ‘wall sculptures’ sums them up as well - it depends how strongly you see the third dimension in them, and I like the fact that they are perceived differently by each person."