Each Soraa glass piece is a practice of patience. It follows the lost-wax casting technique which has been around for thousands of years. 
To create a glass equivalent of the archetype, the original shell is encased in a silicone rubber to form a master imprint. This is the first mold. 
Microcrystalline wax is then poured into the silicone mold to create wax replicas. Each wax replica is fettled by hand to smooth out any imperfections before being encased into a second mold, this time made from plaster and silica. 

Next, the wax is gently steamed out of the plaster mold to create a hollow positive form inside. Once dry, the mold is placed into the kiln with the opening side facing up. On top sits a terracotta pot filled with the correct amount of glass, ready to melt into the form of the original shell imprint over many hours.

After waiting a couple of days for the glass to anneal, it is finally cool enough to come out of the kiln. The softened plaster mold is broken away to reveal the glass piece inside and if all has gone well, there is a simple polish to smooth out the base and the final touch of a signature. 

Although the process is long and labour-intensive, it is a joy to create these beautiful objects. Each Soraa shell, becomes a forever piece in your home.

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